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RX Glo Power Pads

Reveal your a brilliant glow with these innovative, textured pads containing brightening botanical agents, antioxidants to soothe irritated and dazzle dull, tired skin. At 40% arbutin, 40% kojic acid, enhanced by a 15% vitamin C, there simply is no better brightening pad available.  One pad will treat the face, neck, décolletage and hands.  Boost the pads with customizable percentages of hydroquinone, from 2%-8%, and give yourself 30 days to even and brilliant skin tone. A necessity for your pre and post treatment regimen.


*Second step after cleanser, allow to absorb for two minutes before continuing to the next step in the regime.  Can be used once a day, for those seeking simple brilliance. Non-Hydroquinone perfectly safe for pregnant or nursing mothers.


RX Glow Power Pads

SKU: 4251
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